UAH Public Relations Students Seeking Real-world Projects

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Dr. Candice Lanius teaches three Public Relations courses at UAH and is seeking partners for real world projects.

This semester in Public Relations Writing, Masters students are available to dedicate 1 – 3 hours each week to assist you with social media writing or online research to gain practice with online PR.

In Introduction to Public Relations, 20 undergraduate students can redesign your brochure or pamphlet with you voting on the top three options for your use.

Public Relations Campaigns graduate and undergraduate students will work with two clients during Fall 2019 to create and begin implementation of a strategic campaign plan for your upcoming event, fundraiser, or refresh of your daily communication tactics.

Please email with any questions or ideas. Thank you to the NAPRCA community for supporting education and mentoring in Public Relations.


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Posted on January 29, 2019
Posted by Emily Rodrick