PRo Bono Project 2016

Crisis Services of North Alabama

Background on the 2016 PRo Bono Nonprofit

Crisis Services of North Alabama is a multi-service agency. It runs a 24-hour crisis line and two domestic violence shelters for adults and children. It provides victim services from court advocacy to counseling, and trains nurses to assemble rape kits while also helping those who have experienced trauma. It performs important education and community outreach. All services are provided free of charge. And like most nonprofits, it’s short on time, budget and manpower.

The Nonprofit Request

All of their services are provided free of charge to the client, which means that along with state and federal grant money, they rely heavily on money raised through various fundraisers. Their goal was to grow fundraising abilities and perhaps add another fundraiser.

The Project Details

The PRo Bono committee focused on ways to further enhance a favorable climate for giving for CSNA. We prioritized process management efficiencies on their existing fundraisers as a long-term impact. Other strategies included improvements for media relations, storytelling, community outreach and and an aggressive use of all platforms for external and internal communication.

Testimonial from 2016 PRo Bono Nonprofit

Dear NAPRCA Team,

Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for the time, thoroughness and expertise you so generously provided to Crisis Services of North Alabama. We had no idea when we applied for the PRo Bono Project that we would end up with a Strategic Communications Analysis that we can incorporate into our Strategic Plan.

We always knew we had room for improvement in our marketing and fundraising efforts. Your insights and recommendations have provided us with a clear vision and plan to incorporate some much-needed changes.

Thank you NAPRCA Pro Bono Team for donating your time and talent so that CSNA can more adequately share with the communities we serve our mission of responding yo individuals and families in crisis.

Janet Shaw Gabel
Executive Director

2016 PRo Bono Project Committee Members

Deborah Hudson, 2016 Committee Chair
Leah Garton
Kristen Goode
Elizabeth Griffith
Lori Miller
Meagan Nivens
Whitney Schmitt
Katelyn Sides