PRo Bono Project 2015

Still Serving Veterans

Background on the 2015 PRo Bono Nonprofit

Like many successful nonprofits, Still Serving Veterans started as a grass-root effort by a concerned group of business and military leaders compelled to “do something” local to take care of veterans and their families who are often the bill-payers for a nation at war. Still Serving Veterans took shape and continued to adapt to the changing needs of veterans, first focusing on the severely wounded, then to those with the “invisible” wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, and now to the equally demanding issues of military-civilian transition and employment. Growth and maturation have been largely organic and reactive processes driven by funding, opportunity, relationships, and compelling need.

The Nonprofit Request

Still Serving Veterans said its growth, maturation, sustainability and survivability could no longer be supported organically and opportunistically. They needed to take a more strategic, deliberate approach to planning, positioning, and funding for the future. Specifically, one of their most important grant sources was pushing to see the organization move statewide. As a deliverable from NAPRCA, Still Serving Veterans wanted a phased and actionable strategic plan to guide the organization’s near-term growth efforts.

The Project Details

The NAPRCA PRo Bono project committee focused on two goals: to reach more veterans, particularly as they branch out to more locations, and to increase individual donations. The committee then outlined strategies that could be implemented quickly with little cost to SSV.

Testimonial from 2015 PRo Bono Nonprofit

“It was an honor to have been selected as the charity of choice for the NAPRCA Pro Bono project. Still Serving Veterans was at a point where we needed professional guidance on how our marketing strategy needed to be developed. With the organization expanding statewide, we did not have a clear message nor a detailed path on how to execute and deliver our message. The NAPRCA team was effective and efficient and delivered a very detailed and executable marketing plan. We have already put into play a couple of the items suggested with a schedule to roll out additional items by the end of the year! Thanks for a job well done!”

Shannon Drake
Director of Community Relations and Outreach
Still Serving Veterans

2015 PRo Bono Project Committee Members

Rachel Murie – 2015 Chair
Julia Bobick
Lauren Collins
Mariko Green
Elizabeth Griffith
Kristina Hendrix APR
Chantele Newman
Lori Miller
Courtney Thompson
Mindy Smith
Victoria Tripiano