NAPRCA Member Spotlight on Austin Bullock 

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As a way to recognize our members and their accomplishments, NAPRCA is launching a “Member Spotlight” series. The first member who was nominated for this recognition is Austin Bullock.

Austin has been a member of NAPRCA since he was in college. He was a student member of NAPRCA during his undergraduate career through the University of North Alabama’s PRCA chapter, known at the time as Lion PRide, and has transitioned into becoming a professional member since graduation. Austin has continued his membership with our chapter throughout his professional career because he feels that NAPRCA offers a collaborative environment that is invaluable to professionals within our field.

“I think there’s power in being around your peers, and especially your colleagues when it comes to your career field. I learn something every time I’m in a room full of people from PRCA,” Austin said when asked what makes NAPRCA stand out from other professional organizations. “Every time I attend a luncheon there’s something that I take back from the organization. Every time I’m in a conversation, there’s a new technique or an idea that stems from that conversation.”

Beyond the professional value he receives through his membership in our chapter, Austin explained that he also enjoys reuniting with former peers and colleagues at NAPRCA events. 

Austin is currently employed at Leadership Huntsville where he is the Public Relations Director, but his experience does not end there. Before working at Leadership, Austin gained experience in a variety of fields through his position in event planning at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa, his Public Affairs Program Manager role at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, and his marketing and communications duties at Arts Huntsville. 

Throughout his career, Austin has had the opportunity to work on many projects – some of those include promoting the Monte Sano Arts Festival and Huntsville Arts Week, planning conferences and events for the Huntsville Chamber, and advocating for NASA at congressional offices.

While Austin has accomplished a tremendous amount early in his career, the journey has not come without challenges.

“I would say the development of a creative process is something that I’ve [had to] learn to do,” Austin explained when discussing an area of growth he has experienced. “I’m a very creative person, but sometimes I have to be in the right environment [to do so].” 

Austin hopes new NAPRCA members will get as much out of their membership as he has. His advice for making that happen  is simple.

“Get involved!” Austin advises. “Immediately, wherever you can. Jump on a committee and attend luncheons,” he continues. “The sooner that you take the time to get to know [other members], get involved in the process, and get involved in whatever project is going on, that’s how you grow.”

If you know someone you’d like to nominate to be featured in our Member Spotlight series, click here to make your nominations!


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Posted on October 23, 2020
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