NAPRCA Member Spotlight: Anna Eubanks

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It is poetic and right that our first member spotlight of 2021 recognizes someone who contributed so greatly during a hectic 2020 – Anna Eubanks.

Anna is a senior studying public relations and graphic design at the University of North Alabama. She served as NAPRCA’s first-ever chapter intern while also interning at Snead State Community College. This spring, Anna will be interning with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. She is crazy busy, crazy talented and her ambition doesn’t stop there. Anna dreams of travel.

“I have the most interest in Travel PR and Social Media Management. It has always been a dream of mine to have a job that allows me to travel, and I think either of these areas would give me the freedom to do just that!” Anna continued, “If I were to pursue Social Media Management, my goal is to do my own freelance work… after graduation I hope to move to Nashville and begin working with a PR agency, so I can explore my travel publicist dream while I’m young.”

Anna’s career vision wasn’t always 20/20. She shared, “To be honest, I was never confident that PR is the route I wanted to take until this year… I have changed my college major at least 4, if not 5 times.”

Despite swirling questions, Anna always found herself gravitating back to public relations. She says hands-on experience helped her realize how much versatility and variety the industry offers. It’s a proper cure for her wanderlust and her dislike of monotony.

Anna leaned into her chosen path and joined NAPRCA at the urging of her professors. She is a member of UNA’s Lion PR, among other professional organizations. Anna says she expected to gain a lot from her membership and she wasn’t disappointed. 

“Being a member of NAPRCA is an invaluable experience, especially for students and young professionals like myself!” Anna continued, “… Had I not been involved in NAPRCA, I never would have known about this internship position and would have missed out on an incredible opportunity.”

Anna believes the internship provided an outlet for some of her proudest work, to date. “I think the accomplishment that I am most proud of is the work I did for the Little Big Marketing Event.” Anna said, “I created the promotions schedule and handled NAPRCA’s social media posts promoting the event, as well as serving as a liaison between NAPRCA, the Catalyst, and our graphic designer.”

Anna also helped research and coordinate speaker sessions. In short – this year’s event would not have been a success without Anna’s contributions.

When she wasn’t devoted to the Little BIG Marketing Event, Anna assisted with chapter communications and helped lay the foundation for a revamped mentorship program. Anna’s top three lessons learned from her internship experience are “… the importance of being organized, being able to adapt, and having a versatile skill set in the PR industry.”

Anna’s mantra of choice is “The wolf you feed wins.” She explained, “This comes from an old tale about a Cherokee teaching his grandson life lessons, and it has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. It’s a constant reminder to me that you get out of something what you put into it.”

The NAPRCA Board has certainly seen Anna put those words into action. She set the bar high for this internship and exceeded our expectations. We are all so appreciative to Anna for sharing her skill, willingness to help and overall excellence.


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Posted on January 4, 2021
Posted by Kristen Vaughn