February Member Spotlight: Lynn Temple

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February’s Member Spotlight shines on Lynn Temple, vice president at The McComm Group, long-time NAPRCA member and seasoned public relations practitioner. She holds several titles – Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation Silver Medalist, PRCA Senior Practitioner, and former NAPRCA board member, just to name a few. 

Lynn began her successful career in a sales role in Knoxville, Tennessee, but quickly found a passion for media management and strategic communications. She migrated to a small agency in Decatur, Alabama, as a media buyer, and soon after became a founding partner and vice president of McComm Group, her current role, which she’s held for 27 years. 

Lynn works mostly within the business-to-business communication realm, generating effective strategic communication plans that allow her clients to see the art of the possible– something her agency can implement that generates client results. From reputation management and social media, to event planning and media relations, if it exists on the communication spectrum, Lynn and her team work to make their client’s wishes their reality. 

“My mantra really is ‘details matter’,” Lynn said. “My people probably get tired of hearing me say it, but it’s really what differentiates good work from great work– the details. Whether it’s an event, social post or a brochure, it’s the details.”

One of her favorite parts of her role in the communications and marketing industry is the constantly shifting learning environment. Utilizing your core strengths and applying them in new ways to benefit the client is a great passion for Lynn. 

“I get to learn something new almost every day, and that’s what’s fun for me,” she said.

Applying sound communication practice allows Lynn and her team to apply impactful communication strategies and tactics for their clients. As a good practitioner does, Lynn starts with the client’s goal, or big idea, and helps them achieve it through thoroughly researched  and impactful strategies and tactics.

Lynn said she is known for her red pen and views writing as one of the most critical skills a practitioner can have in their arsenal. 

“At my heart and soul, I am a writer, so I have really gotten to explore what that means and improve,” said Lynn. “I write almost every day.”

Lynn said the McComm Group has experienced some exciting growth, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, surpassing what they thought would be a repeat of the recession of 2008. They’ve added new employees and have added a couple of new clients to serve. Through this growth, she hopes to keep learning and applying new ideas to her day-to-day, providing solid strategy and sage counsel to current and future clients. 

Lynn has even served on the NAPRCA board and continues to contribute to the chapter’s growth. She said she sends new practitioners or others in the industry who are new to the area to NAPRCA to gain connections and participate in the programming. Lynn says she continues to learn and connect as a member, and she finds it to be a valuable source for our area’s practitioners. 

NAPRCA is so grateful for members like Lynn who continually make positive contributions to our field. 


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Posted on February 14, 2021
Posted by Emily Rodrick