September Virtual Luncheon

  • September Virtual Luncheon
    September 23, 2020
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Event Phone: 251-253-8835

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Nip Burnout in the Bud

Featuring Tarah Keech, CEO of

Preventing, healing, and recovering from burnout is the single most impactful way to ensure you are able to continue to serve your team, your clients, your loved ones, and yourselves to the fullness of your vision and capability.

In Tarah’s words:

For leaders, at some point, we go through what I call an “evolution of ambition.” My clients are successful  — by most standards exceptionally successful. But when we first start together, most of them say they feel stuck, like failures, imposters, empty, and unbalanced. They feel like something’s missing but they don’t know what… like what they do is never enough, or worse, like they’re never enough. 

And here’s what I see – with high-performing, heart-centered leaders – coping with those feelings turns inward. It can look like destructive self-talk, or buffering like numbing out by pounding chardonnay alone at home every night, scrolling social media, over-eating, overspending – anything that ultimately makes us feel worse even though it feels like relief at the moment. 

So, we’re gonna talk about Burnout Prevention & Recovery in 2020. What your audience will learn is how your thoughts work and how to manage them in order to target the feelings, actions, and results you want because — here’s the simplest and hardest truth — “THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL IS TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK.” And you control that.”

About our Speaker

Tarah Keech is a Master Life Coach and a burnout prevention and recovery expert. As the CEO of, Tarah helps leaders burnout-proof their lives and businesses

Maybe you want a change but don’t know what kind of change you want – or you want lots of changes but find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis – if you’re overwhelmed and ready to get unstuck because you know you’re meant for more, Tarah can help. 

She has training and a Masters’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has been a consultant in Fortune 500 organizations since 2011. To learn more about how coaching can work in your life, connect with Tarah at