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During a crisis, communications professionals are often on the front lines – informing stakeholders, calming anxieties and setting apart fact from fiction. For those of you in the midst of COVID-19 communications, here is a helpful collection of resources to fine tune your strategy and keep yourself up-to-date.

Healthcare and Government Resources

  1. Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    • The United States’ official platform for updated stats, directives and announcements related to coronavirus. The website includes specific resources for businesses, schools, travelers and the general public.
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
    • WHO provides a regularly updated global perspective on the crisis with both narrative and quantitative resources, including informative “Myth Busters” and “Questions & Answers” pages.
  3. Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)
    • ADPH is the state’s official resource for updated stats, recommendations and health orders. The site includes links to other resources for both patients and healthcare providers. The site also includes downloadable graphics, flyers, etc. to assist communicators during this crisis.
  4. Huntsville Convention & Visitors Bureau Community Resources
    • The Hunsville CVB compiled an excellent list of national, state and local resources. This includes listings of closures, delays and operational precautions being taken by Huntsville’s hospitality and tourism industry.
  5. HudsonAlpha’s “Sharable Science” video series
    • “Beyond the Blog: Sharable Science with Dr. Neil Lamb” aims to teach the “… building blocks of life. One story at a time”. The series pivots to cover COVID-19 topics with simple, fun, fact-based, easy-to-share videos. There are currently six videos available answering questions like “What are COVID-19 symptoms?” and “Why should we choose fact over fear?”.

PR & Communications

  1. PRSA Crisis Communications Resources
    • Links to articles, on-demand webinars and live webinars to teach best practices and bolster your communications strategy.
  2. Video: “How to Be Effective During a Crisis”
    • NAPRCA member, Kristina Hendrix, APR, shared insightful tips for managing yourself and your communications during a crisis.
  3. Blog Post: “Employee communications and the coronavirus crisis – Helpful advice from trusted sources.”
    • Poppulo shared this post with great links about communications strategy, fact-based updates, working from home tips and mental/physical health tips.
  4. Free Webinar: “COVID-19 and Remote Working: How to Make it Work When We’re Not Together”
    • Poppulo is offering free registration to this webinar on Thursday, April 2nd. Two expert communicators will examine how to help your employees successfully make this transition while staying engaged and productive.
  5. Free Webinar: “How top brands are responding to COVID-19”
    • Meltwater will host a free webinar on Thursday, April 2nd to discuss different ways brands have responded to the pandemic. The webinar will be moderated by industry leaders Davitha Ghiassi, EVP of Social & Integration at Red Havas, and Hans Larsen, Account Supervisor at Ogilvy. Participants will gain examples of brand success (so far), tips on managing brand reputation and advice on how to communicate around the crisis
  6. Article: “Two Principles for Leading Your Organization Through the COVID-19 Crisis”
    • Published by Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, this article features insights from former Fortune 500 CEO, Harry Kraemer of Baxter International, Inc. (a global healthcare company).
  7. Article: “Resources to Help Communicators Stay Sane During the COVID-19 Crisis”
    • Spin Sucks is a professional development resource for marketing and pr professionals with a podcast, website and online Slack community. This article is a collection of links for crisis communications advice, tips for working remotely, general COVID-19 updates, mental health strategies and more.
  8. Virtual Town Hall: “Communicating Through COVID-19: A Best Practice Approach”
    • Hosted by Gambel Communications and the Greater New Orleans Foundation, this recorded virtual town hall includes best practices on designing an effective crisis communication strategy as well as actionable tools to help steer your organization in the right direction during this critical time.
  9. Article: “Should you pitch non-coronavirus stories to the press?”
    • COVID-19 is dominating the news cycle. Can PR pros stoke the interest about stories unrelated to the pandemic? Are journalists covering anything else?
  10. Article: “The role of the press in the coronavirus pandemic is to provide truth, even if that truth is grim”
    • In these moments, the media’s job is to report what is really happening, not to paint over serious issues in order to make its audience feel better.
  11. Article: “Tips for media relations as coronavirus dominates”
    • The global focus on COVID-19 is changing the way nearly all of us live, communicate and consume media. Much of the world finds itself at home, following news about one thing. As a result, communicators and PR pros must make adjustments.
  12. Free marketing and public relations trainings from Global Alliance
    • The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management is dedicating April 2020 to a virtual ‘Education & Training Month’ as part of continuing support of the profession worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis.

Working From Home

  1. Zoom
    • Zoom provides high-quality group video conferencing at a no to low cost price model. The company has an excellent resource page for individuals looking to implement video conferencing in coming weeks.
  2. Article: “Avoiding Communication Fatigue as Coronavirus Separates Workforce”
    • As we grow used to the new reality of working remotely, it may benefit us to avoid communication overload. That can include reducing the number of communications, consolidating messaging, using phone calls for a personal touch and diversifying communications channels we use.

Family & Self-Care

  1. Covid-19 Toolkit for Parents and Caregivers
    • National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) created a thoughtful resource for families struggling with how to talk about or navigate the crisis. This PDF includes conversation starters, quick facts, at-home activities for children and links to organizations that can provide support for food, parenting and emergencies.
  2. Article: “Strategies for thriving when emotionally hijacked”
    • Routines are changing, human interactions are limited, pressures of work/finances are high, anxiety over health and preparedness is increasing – it’s a perfect storm of emotional hijacking. This article presents strategies for combat the negatives around us.


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