Professional Achievement Award


PRCA – Philip R. Forrest Jr. Professional Achievement Award

Each year, local chapters select one outstanding practitioner from their membership. That nominee is sent forward to compete with practitioners from the other chapters in the state. Among those nominees, one is finally chosen to receive the Public Relations Council of Alabama’s Philip Ryder Forrest, Jr. Professional Achievement Award.

The following NAPRCA members have earned the state’s prestigious award. You can find the full professional achievement award list and application information on the state website.

2015: Kristina Hendrix, APR (also SPRF PAA 2016)
2013: Lori Miller, APR
1998: Craig Dunn
1994: Karen Schoening
1992: Leigh Tucker
1990: Lynne Hereford
1989: Peri Widener, APR (also SPRF PAA 1991)
1988: Michael K. Simmons
1986: George Winters, APR
1984: Judy Ryals
1982: Denise Grayson
1978: Jerri McLain

The year corresponds to the body of work the award represents, not the year of the conference where it was presented. Thus 1978’s winner received the award in 1979.


SPRF Professional Achievement Award

Each year, SPRF member organizations (ECPRO, PRAL, PRAM, and PRCA) are invited to nominate one outstanding public relations professional for the SPRF Professional Achievement Award, formerly known as the Practitioner of the Year. The recipient of this award is announced at the SPRF annual conference. SPRF established this award to recognize an individual that has continually demonstrated the highest ideals of the profession as well as a commitment to advance the profession of public relations.

The following PRCA members have earned this regional award. You can find the full professional achievement award list and application information on the SPRF website.

2016: Kristina L. Hendrix, APR, NAPRCA
2011: Jennifer Jenkins, APR, PRCA
2007: Denise D’Oliveira, APR, PRCA
2006: Suzanne Fornaro, APR, PRCA
2005: Michael Tullier, APR, PRCA
2004: Carol Mann, APR, PRCA
1998: Bill Todd, APR, PRCA
1997: Dave Rickey, APR, PRCA
1996: Karla Shackleford Conway, APR, PRCA
1995: Jamie Palmer, APR, PRCA
1994: Rosemary W. Blackmon, APR, PRCA
1991: Peri Widener, APR, NAPRCA