Death By a Thousand Bots: A Lesson in Crisis Communications

November 1, 2022, Taylor Swift announced her long awaited U.S. Tour. The Era’s Tour promised to bebigger and better than any of her previous tours. Swifties across America [...]

NAPRCA Recognizes Amanda Jarrett in Spotlight Series

NAPRCA’s November Member Spotlight features Amanda Jarrett. Amanda is the Communications and Marketing Director for the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC). She studied [...]

NAPRCA Member Spotlight on Austin Bullock 

As a way to recognize our members and their accomplishments, NAPRCA is launching a “Member Spotlight” series. The first member who was nominated for this recognition is Austin [...]

NAPRCA Welcomes Student Intern

NAPRCA is proud to welcome the first-ever student intern to our team this semester. Anna Eubanks, who is a senior at the University of North Alabama, was selected as student [...]
Renew your membership for 2019

Renew your membership for 2019

The statewide member software system is only a year old. That means there are many of us who aren’t sure how to log in and renew. Don’t worry – it’s easy. Here are the steps: [...]
2019 Board of Directors Slate

2019 Board of Directors Slate

It is time to consider nominees for the Board of Directors for the North Alabama Chapter of PRCA. The Nominating Committee has selected the individuals listed below to serve [...]

Launching Mentor Match

Mentoring is an all-encompassing way to encourage personal growth. The mentor and mentee will work together to develop the mentee’s underlying abilities and will help develop [...]

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