Student Certificate


Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations is an entry-level certificate demonstrating a fundamental knowledge for graduates entering the public relations profession and related fields. Adding the Certificate to your resume is a strong differentiator in this competitive field.

To qualify, applicants must be undergraduate seniors in a public relations or related program AND within six months from the date of receipt of an undergraduate degree.

Applicants must attend a 6-week class structured around studying for the exam or purchase an online study course. NAPRCA students are encouraged to complete the prep class first, then submit the application ($150 fee). NAPRCA students have in-person course options available based on demand.

Once approved by the Universal Accreditation Board, candidates go to a Prometrics site and take the computer-based exam.

Earn the Certificate in Four Steps

  1. Review and complete The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Application. (Please see step 2 before you submit application.)
  2. Work with your university’s faculty coordinator to certify eligibility.
  3. Attend a certificate preparatory course or complete the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Online Study Course.
  4. Study for and complete the computer-based Examination for Certificate in Principles of Public Relations.

If you are interested in getting this Certificate, reach out to NAPRCA’s APR Chair for details and next steps. We have a local faculty coordinator approved to oversee the process.


Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Application
Certificate in Public Relations Online Study Course
Certificate Study Guide