Current APRs

Accredited Members of the North Alabama Chapter

As of July 2020, we have ten current NAPRCA members who have earned their Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). Congratulations to these members who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and lifelong learning.

Melissa Bullard, APR
APR in 2000
Re-certifies in 2019

Laura Barnard, APR
APR in 2012
Re-certifies in 2022

Lisa Darnell, APR
APR in July 2002
Re-certifies 2020

Abby Guasti, APR
APR in August 2011
Re-certifies 2020

Kristina Hendrix, APR
APR February 2010
Re-certifies 2021

Marianne Higgins, APR
APR in 1997

Stephanie Kelley, APR
APR in 2000
Re-certifies 2020

Lori Miller, APR
APR in 2018

John Wessel, APR
APR in 2012
Re-certifies in 2021

Madi Winkler, APR
APR in 2020
Re-certifies in 2023

George Winters, APR