APR + Military Communication

APR+M: Accreditation in Public Relations and Military Communication

We in the Rocket City have a concentration of powerful public affairs practitioners that support the military and federal government agencies. The APR+M was designed for you.

The Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M) improves your military public affairs knowledge. You are already a skilled PR professional in military communications. This Accreditation signifies that you have met all the qualifications of Accreditation in Public Relations and have demonstrated additional skills in military public affairs.

More than that, APR+M improves your military public affairs practice, encourages ongoing professional development, and establishes a standard of knowledge within the public affairs community that is transferable to civilian work.

APR+M Resources

Universal Accreditation Board
APR+M Application
APR+M Application for APRs adding +M
APR+M Study Guide
APR+M Panel Presentation Guide and Materials
APR PREP Online2Learn
APR+M Maintenance

Get Help for APR+M!

This isn’t a process that is meant to be taken alone – NAPRCA can help! If you have any questions about accreditation, please reach out to the Chapter’s APR Chair.