Amended 1983, 1986, 1993, 2009

Section 1. The Rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of the PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNCIL OF ALABAMA NORTH ALABAMA CHAPTER (hereafter referred to as “the Chapter”) and the NORTH ALABAMA CHAPTER PRCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (hereafter referred to as “the Board”) in all cases in which they are applicable and not in conflict with the State Constitution and Bylaws of the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA).

Section 1. The affairs of the Chapter shall be managed by the Board, to consist of both voting and ex-officio positions:

Voting Positions
Vice President Communications
Vice President Programs
Vice President Professional Development
Vice President Projects Ethics
Vice President Membership
Chair Student Chapters
Chair Fundraising
Chair Publicity
Chair Newsletter (if needed)
Chair Hospitality
Chair Historian
Chair Webmaster (if needed)
Chair APR (if needed)

Ex-Officio Positions
Past President
President(s) of the local student chapter(s)

Section 2. The Board composition can be modified with merged positions, multiples in same position or new officers with such titles as may be determined from time to time by simple majority of the Board.

Section 3. Election shall by a simple majority vote of the Chapter active membership present at the October meeting, and will be sworn in during the November meeting. The Board shall assume duties in January and serve through the following January.

Section 4. Each chapter elected board position equals one vote. A simple majority of elected board positions shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of chapter business. Votes can take place electronically.

Section 5. The Board will meet once a month prior to the General meetings, or as determined by either the majority of the chapter members, as requested by the president, or by two-thirds polled vote of the Board.

Section 6. Meetings shall be held in person or by conference call at regular time and place as directed by the President.

Section 1. President – Presides at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board; and with the Secretary or Treasurer, signs as legal representative of the Chapter all documents approved by the Board. In the absence of the President, the VP of Programs shall preside at the meetings of the Chapter. President can assign or reassign officer duties as needed.

Section 2. Vice President Programs/ President Elect – Responsible for coordination of monthly membership speakers and the arrangements concerning the meeting including the program content, location, meals, audio-visual equipment, and speaker gift. Also responsible for learning as much as possible the inner workings of managing the Chapter, in preparation for being President the following year and assisting the President as needed.

Section 3. Vice President Communications – Responsible for the oversight of regular chapter communication functions to ensure integration of methods and cooperation between board members. Responsible for auditing communications and conducting member research as needed, and making recommendations for smooth functionality of communication efforts.

Section 4. Vice President Professional Development – Responsible for the professional development and the accreditation of members (unless the proposed member for this position is NOT an accredited professional – then the APR Chair position will be filled and is responsible for the Accreditation duties) through coordination of at least one local professional development workshop and informing membership of state-sponsored opportunities. Responsible for developing and implementing activities for the advancement of public relations as a profession among the membership.

Section 5. Vice President Projects Ethics – Responsible for all special projects of the Board including administration of Senior Practitioner, Educator of the Year, and other nomination processes as may arise. Also includes planning and implementing professional community service and projects. Responsible for promoting the PRCA Code of Ethics and acts as chapter representative in the event of an ethics complaint while coordinating the meditation of the complaint with the State PRCA VP of Projects Ethics.

Section 6. Vice President Membership – Coordinate all membership recruitment programs for the Chapter including the creation and updating of a new membership recruitment packet. The VP of Membership is responsible for receiving applications for membership, screening the applications, approving suitable applications on the Board’s behalf, and providing dues monies to the Treasurer. Other duties include forwarding approved applications to the State PRCA VP of Membership for final approval every month, maintaining a current membership database, and providing new member information monthly to the Board.

Section 7. Secretary – In tandem with the President, sign documents as one of the legal representatives of the Chapter. Responsible for recording and distributing board meeting and membership minutes and creating and distributing monthly board meeting notices and reminders. Responsible for updating the PRCA membership database as the source for membership information and guest information gathered from membership luncheons. Responsible for compiling the complete fiscal year’s Board minutes and other important archival documents (including complete fiscal year financial information) and placing in a storage location per direction of the Board. Responsible for obtaining and/or maintaining any legal documents regarding the incorporation of the chapter or as required by State PRCA.

Section 8. Treasurer – Responsible for handling the funds of the Chapter which includes annual budget preparation and maintaining and reporting financial statements to the Board in a format consistent with standard accounting procedures. Includes the requirement to have an annual financial audit completed by a certified Public Accountant.

Section 9. Student Chapters Chair – Coordinate between the Chapter and all student chapters to promote the development of public relations and interaction among students and professionals. Student Chapter Chair is responsible for coordinating the awarding of annual student scholarship(s) each May. Other responsibilities include conducting student workshops, coordinating awards programs as needed, assisting in the formation of additional student chapters to meet area needs, and coordinating with state PRCA regarding any student program at the PRCA State conference.

Section 10. Fundraising Chair(s) – Responsible for coordinating activities to raise funds for purposes as directed by the Board, specifically including those allocated to the Michael K. Simmons scholarship fund.

Section 11. Publicity Chair – Responsible for coordinating publicity for all chapter activities with local and regional media. Duties include announcement of new local board and State Board members from North Alabama, Practitioner of the Year (POTY) and Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF) honorees, Michael K Simmons Scholarship publicity, and announcement of scholarship awardees, newly accredited members, promotion of public relations as a profession, special monthly meeting publicity, and other publicity as warranted. Responsible for maintaining publicity contact lists and submission deadlines. Assists other positions with promotional copywriting as needed, at the discretion of the President.

Section 12. Newsletter Chair – Responsible for coordinating the publication of regular communication to the membership (PR Buzz) through best available means, to include print, email, and web as warranted. The frequency of the newsletter is determined by the Board. Responsible for design, content and distribution. Responsible for submitting regular information to the State PRCA and SPRF communication representatives as warranted. Chair to be filled at the discretion of the President. If no Newsletter Chair, the VP of Communications assumes these responsibilities.

Section 13. Hospitality Chair – Responsible for acting as host for guests and new members at monthly membership meetings, and for coordinating networking opportunities for the membership. Duties include maintaining name badges for members and guests, and collecting contact information from guests.

Section 14. Historian – Responsible for compiling an annual report of chapter activities to the membership, and for coordinating the compilation of the annual Chapter of the Year (COTY) award submissions to State PRCA. Duties include coordination of data collection all year, advising officers and committees as to compliance to COTY guidelines, and providing regular updates to the Board as to COTY readiness.

Section 15. Webmaster- Responsible for updating and maintaining the North Alabama website. Includes securing and coordinating approved contracted services for web maintenance, hosting, or other website-related functionality as needed. Chair to be filled at the discretion of the President. If no Webmaster, the VP of Communications assumes these responsibilities.

Section 16. APR Chair – Chair only to be filled if the VP of Professional Development is not an accredited public relations professional. Responsible for updating the Board and the membership on accreditation matters and testing opportunities. Responsible for coordinating study sessions for interested APR candidates, communicating with the State Board and other parties regarding the progress of the local chapter in assisting members to become accredited, recognizing newly accredited local members at monthly membership meetings and registering new APRs with state.

Section 17. At-Large Member(s) – Assists Board with ongoing activities or special events as assigned by the President.

Section 18. Past President – Acts as an Advisor to the Board and chairs the Nominating Committee for the following year’s Board election.

Section 19. Student Chapter President(s) – Assists by advising the Board regarding the needs and activities of Student Chapter(s), fostering mentor opportunities wherever possible.

Section 1. A Nominating Committee made up of a minimum of three members and chaired by the immediate Past President shall be appointed by the President and shall prepare a slate of candidates (30) days prior to the election of the new Board. Such candidates shall be presented to the Chapter for vote at the October meeting.

Section 2. The Vice Presidents and other board members will appoint their respective standing committees after election.

Section 3. The President shall appoint such special and temporary committees as deemed necessary.

Section 1. There shall be a minimum of eight (8) general meetings per year of the North Alabama Chapter. Special meetings of the North Alabama Chapter may be called at any time at the direction of the Board or by the President. The notice of such meetings shall be stated and no other business may be transacted at such meetings.

Section 1. All members who are designated as Active and who have paid current dues and against whom no charges are pending shall be eligible to vote and to hold office in the North Alabama Chapter. If the right of a member to vote or hold office is questioned, the records of the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) shall be conclusive evidence.

Section 1. Vacancies occurring among the North Alabama Chapter Board of Directors shall be filled for the unexpired portion of that term by the Board of Directors with two-thirds of the members concurring. Such vote may be taken by polling the Board.

Section 1. The fiscal and administrative year of the North Alabama Chapter shall be January 1 to December 30.

Section 1. The Vice President(s) of Membership shall be responsible for the screening procedure on new membership applications. All applications for membership or reinstatement, from whatever source, shall be directed to the Vice President for Membership for processing. Approval shall be a simple majority. Objections must be stated in writing after which additional information will be circulated. Dues and initiation fees shall be submitted with the application for membership.

Section 2. The rules for membership and reinstatements are in accordance with the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA), as stated in its bylaws.

Section 1. The rules for judicial procedures for the Ethics Committee are in accordance with the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA), as stated in its bylaws.

Section 1. These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new Bylaws adopted by approval of the Board of Directors by two-thirds vote.