Meeting Recap: Launching Luciana

February 21, 2018  |  Meeting Info

Many thanks to Pat Ammons from the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for an excellent presentation at our February meeting and to everyone who joined us!

Here’s some takeaways:

  • Initial discussions about the idea started in August 2016 so it was a two year process and involved a partnership between American Girl, NASA, and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
  • No matter how exciting the partnership is, stay true to your brand. Knowing your brand is a very important part of that.
  • Benefits of the Partnership: Brand Awareness (of course), American Girl’s massive reach, introducing a new audience to Space Camp
  • “Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.” They were presented with an incredible opportunity at a time when there was a lot of excitement and focus on STEM, space, and empowering girls to dream big.
  • “The power of this doll is it’s more than just a doll — it’s a learning process.” Pat Ammons is discussing the long-term PR strategy of launching Luciana.
  • Brand management was a critical piece of this project … The fundamental process of making sure the U.S. Space and Rocket Center brand was correctly portrayed was important.
  • “This is being bought around the world and it says Huntsville, Ala.” Use of the correct logos and badges, etc. was important.
  • 55 million people receive the American Girl catalogue! What an amazing reach for Space Camp and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.
  • “This is laying a foundation that we may not see for a few years to come.” Girls ages 4 to 10 typically own the dolls and Space Camp starts at age 7. Growth will be determined over a series of years.

Save the Dates: Mark your calendars…

  • Join us for a joint meeting with AAF North Alabama on March 21 at 11:30 at Redstone Federal Credit Union! More details coming soon!
  • Also have you registered for the 2018 PRCA State Conference yet? This year’s conference will be right here in Huntsville April 16 & 17! Earlybird registration is now open at

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