November Recap and Coming Up Next

November 16, 2017  |  Meeting Info

We hosted our largest crowd of the year yesterday at our November Luncheon featuring guest speaker Matt Maxey of Visit Franklin. He shared some tips and strategy for partnering with influencers.

Here’s a few takeaways:

  • 1st thing to consider when working with influencers is what is my need, what are desired results, who’s the right fit for me.
  • 3 kinds of influencers: paid, local and microinfluencers (people who are already talking about you)
  • Paid Influencers: Vet! Vet! Vet! Request a media kit. Determine clear deliverables up front. After you’ve vetted, trust them.
  • Microinfluencers are already talking about you. Talk back! Engage!
  • Local Influencers: Get to know your neighbors. They are your local businesses, local customers, local celebrities even. There are people in your community who are influencers for the audience you want to reach. Find them and get to know them.
  • Crowdriff = great tool for curating content from people talking about your brand
  • Their “Stories” page where they display social images collected through Crowdriff has an average 7.5 minute time per visitor!
  • Check out their Makers Series featuring artisans in their community sharing how Franklin inspires their work.
  • How do you find influencers for your brand? Search hashtags and once you find an influencer see who they follow.
  • After working with a paid influencer, have them follow up with analytics (30 days) to see how if it was successful
  • How to choose the right paid influencer: make sure you like their work and their style fits with your brand.
  • Everyone is an influencer!

Join us next month for our December Social. More details coming soon!


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