Get Ready for 2018 Medallion Awards Now

October 25, 2017  |  Awards

We hope you’re giving serious consideration to the 2018 Medallion Awards. Your North Alabama chapter is hosting the state conference in Huntsville mid-April 2018, and we’d love to see our members dominate awards night!

To help, we’ve brought everything you need into one place. UPDATED: Professional Medallions deadline is March 5, 2018.

First, Consider Your Award-Worthy Work

Now’s the time to make a list of projects or pieces that might make a good PRCA Medallion entry. It can be anything from a full program to a specific tactic like a postcard or release. A great way to brainstorm is to look through the Medallion categories.

Second, Gather Your Medallion Materials

The work associated with your PRCA Medallion entry must have appeared (published, printed, presented, etc.) within this calendar year. Take a look at your potential award submission and start gathering your collateral and metrics. What do you have? What do you still need?

Then review the online rules for Medallion entry and the judges’ evaluation questions – it’s a great way to make sure your submission includes everything it should. You can even start writing it now.

Third, Be Ready for the Online Medallion Entry Process

Awards are submitted online which means you need to be ready with digital versions of your collateral for upload. And there are character limits for the different required sections. That’s just several things to consider now, before we get into the busy awards season at the first of the year.

We recommend you look over these webinar slides for easy to follow instructions about the entry process. The deck is titled “How to Enter SPRF Lanterns” but the process and judging criteria are exactly the same for PRCA professional and student awards.

Unlike some awards, the PRCA Medallions are only open to active members of PRCA so be sure to renew your NAPRCA membership for 2018 when the renewal cycle opens in November. Students, that includes you!

Finally, Ask for Help

We have plenty of local people who have won Medallions and can help you. In fact, “Five Tips for Award-Winning PR Entries” was published on this site several years ago and has sample entries you can look over. Here’s another deck for Bringing Home the Trophy.

But if you’re still not sure whether your work merits an award submission, just call someone on the local NAPRCA Board. Really, we’re here to help.

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