Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 18

September 20, 2017  |  Meeting Info

Excellent presentation today about how to make more effective pitches and get the media coverage you need. Many thanks to our panel from WHNT!

Denise Vickers, WHNT News Director

Paul Caron, WHNT Assistant News Director

David Kumbroch, WHNT Chief Digital Journalist

In case you missed it, here’s some helpful tips…

  • Build Relationships:  Get to know the media representatives and establish lines of communication so you’re not cold calling when you need their help.
  • Be a Partner: Help them out if they reach out to you. Offer an exclusive and give them a first shot to tell your story. Consume media and engage – share or like content. Understand it’s the news’ job to report news, even bad news. Work with media.
  • Pitch a Story (not the problem or the solution): Stories are what get people’s attention. Find a way to put a face to your message. Provide an emotional connection. (Example: Decatur Police launch “Law Paws” to help up adoptions at animal shelter)
  • Think Visual: Provide great photos and videos! Or provide an opportunity to easily get great visuals.
  • A News Release is not a Pitch
  • Timing is Everything: Be aware of what else is happening in the news and don’t pitch a story when you think it’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Please save the date to join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, October 18.
More details coming soon!

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