INTERNSHIP: NASA Media & Communications for Student Launch

July 11, 2017  |  Job Postings

NASA is offering an internship opportunity at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The position entails drafting emails to be sent to all participants including activity updates, (social) media information, and presentations. The intern will be required to maintain a master distribution list of all contact info. Internal communications, such as NASA graphics, reproduction services, and Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications. Intern will be responsible for collecting media information sheets, media release forms, creating team voting cards, writing briefing notes, press releases (in conjunction with OSAC), and WAR notes. This position will assist the Student Launch team in technical design reviews by recording discussions alongside other reviewers, and providing input where necessary. Other responsibilities include writing VIP invitations, sending Save the Date cards, writing thank you’s, maintaining lessons learned documents, and assisting the Academic Affairs office on other project duties as required. Find more information and application here.

Photo Credit: NASA

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